125444_HRT/RM_Graduate recruitment testimonal suite_2016 – hoogezand-sappermeer, The Netherlands, Ciaran Latooij, Michiel Van Kuppevelt, Ruud Smedts, 2016

As a C&WI Engineer I am responsible for unlocking the maximum potential of wells while ensuring operations are conducted safely, efficiently and in accordance with industry standards. Once a well is drilled a lot of activities have to be performed before it can safely produce. We select and install equipment (completion), which allows the well to optimally perform in its specific environment.

Upholding the well’s integrity throughout its lifetime comes next. We do this by performing maintenance and repairs, as well as enhancing the productivity through stimulation methods. Collaborating with the other upstream disciplines is key in this: we provide them with (subsurface) data which is acquired in the field using logging equipment. 

Responsible for coordinating the operation

The best thing about my job is the combination of field and office work: I’m not just planning operations, I also get to execute them! To turn these plans and designs into reality I work together with a wide range of other disciplines and contractors. I spend my time at the well site to execute them, coordinating the operation in a safe and efficient way. 

The transition to a cleaner energy future

One of the things people often question is what role Shell can play with respect to the transition to a cleaner energy future. They are usually surprised to find out some of the projects we are involved in. Less than a year ago, for instance, Shell launched its flagship Carbon Capture Storage (CCS) project “Quest”, which is designed to capture and permanently store more than 1 million tonnes of CO2 each year below the subsurface, equivalent to the emissions from about 250,000 cars.

CCS is currently the only technology available to mitigate large-scale industrial emissions from the use of fossil fuels and could provide as much as one-sixth of the world’s CO2 reductions by 2050 according to the International Energy Agency (IEA). I believe that this kind of innovative mind-set allows Shell to keep pushing boundaries and be the first to achieve new milestones.

Every element of the supply chain

I prefer to work for an integrated operating company as it is involved in every element of the value chain from exploration to retail. One of the things I appreciate most is the huge amount of time and resources I get for training and development. Through field exposure, face-to-face-training, competency-based learning and coaching Shell assures that I am both technically as well as socially competent to effectively contribute to the business. 

Work across the globe

I live in Groningen, a lively student city. One of the things I love about here are the many festivals like “Eurosonic Noorderslag”. Shell offers nearly every sport and activity, but I joined the local rugby club. I already go to a lot of ‘Young Shell’ social events, lectures and excursions, so it is nice to have something outside of Shell too. Once I’ve gained enough experience I’ll move on to another great city: my job allows me to work pretty much anywhere across the globe!

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