Michiel van Kuppevelt

The impact of the work is huge

Materials are involved in every project and asset of Shell and often play a crucial role. In my job as a Materials and Corrosion Engineer my team and I are responsible for material selection (e.g. steel or a plastic pipeline) of a project, and the maintenance of the assets. Materials are important in a project because they relate strongly to safety, costs and possibilities. The annual cost of corrosion worldwide is over 3% of the world’s GDP, so the impact of the work is huge! 

I was given immediate responsibility

What I love about my job is the immediate responsibility you get and working with the best people in the world in their field. Materials are involved in every part of Shell, so you see a lot of the company. Every day is different! From working with a vendor to make sure their product meets our criteria to testing new possibilities for materials. Or working on cost reductions and performing quick material analysis to see – for example – whether it can be used on an offshore platform.

Shell is truly a technology company

I soon realized that Shell is truly a technology company. On my first project I did a material investigation in the lab, and the research could even be presented at a conference! There are countless opportunities: new, long-term innovations as well as day-to-day optimisations. Shell also invests in people: I get to learn a lot and at the same time maintain a good work-life balance. We have flexible work hours, a relaxed office culture and a lot of ‘Young Shell’ networking events for graduates. Plus Groningen is a fun city!

A lot of opportunities

I chose to work for Shell because of the combination of a technical job with commercial impact and all the possible opportunities. Shell has an impact on everyone, we all need energy. I contribute to what the world looks like in 50 years and change the way we live. What better place to do so than at a company that believes in you?

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