At Shell, we understand that the global energy system is changing and that innovative solutions will enable the transition to a low-carbon energy mix. Mobility technology and social trends are driving disruptive technologies and growth in the mobility space.

We need to address the increase in CO2 emissions, inefficiencies in our current transport systems, the increasing demand for mobility, the changes in mobility consumption and the disruption in the current business models.

And technology and innovation will be at the heart of such a transition.

We would like to address these challenges head on in collaboration with you!

Impressions of the Bright Energy Ideas Challenge award in the Theatre Dome at Generation Discover Festival at Malieveld, in The Hague, Netherlands, 2016.Jiri Buller/AP images for Shell.

Shell rewards best smart mobility solution with capital injection

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Five finalists in Shell’s start-up mobility competition

219 entries for Bright Energy Ideas Challenge

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Why Shell and Future Mobility?

Mobility, i.e. the transportation of people and goods, is a critical component of our daily lives. There are many questions to be answered surrounding the development of mobility and how it will progress, especially considering that the number of cars on the road is predicted to triple by 2050, and freight transportation and air travel are also expected to rise.

We are researching and developing innovative ways to help keep the increasing number of passengers and amount of goods moving. Shell is looking into three main areas within smart mobility:

  1. Smart Products – offering products, which the consumer can use, reducing C02 output and minimising energy consumption
  2. Smart usage – offering advice and solutions to consumers for achieving optimum fuel efficiency
  3. Smarter infrastructure – Shell WAM Foam Process is a technique developed by Shell for constructing roads whilst reducing energy consumption by as much as 35%

What is the Challenge?

Do you have the solution to change the face of future mobility and improve transportation for future generations?

What is in it for your company?

We are looking for the most innovative and scalable solution. Shell is offering the following:


  • €100,000 convertible loan* from Shell Technology Ventures
  • €25,000 Cash
  • Exclusive coaching from Shell experts
  • Access to Shell’s global network
  • Media coverage and publicity

*3% interest rate, 2-year maturity, subject to satisfactory confirmatory due diligence and applicable terms and conditions. 

5 finalists

  • Guaranteed acceptance to the Shell Start-up programme in 2017
  • Media coverage and publicity

What should the solution look like?

To give you an idea of what we are looking for, here are some hints and tips for your application:

  • Solutions should be past a working prototype
  • Solutions should be able to be turned into a useable product or service within the next two years
  • Solutions should solve existing frictions in the mobility space, and you should explain how Shell connects to your solution

Who should you be?

To ensure that this is a fair challenge, we ask that participating start-ups meet the following criteria:

  • Registered company, equivalent to B.V. in the Netherlands (for example: UK = Ltd./Plc., Germany = GmbH/A.G., Denmark/Norway = A.S./A.S.A.)
  • The company should have at least 3 employees
  • The company should be officially younger than 5 years (from official registration date)
  • The company must be registered in Europe or Israel

What is the timeline?

For your information, the timeline for this challenge is as follows:

  • May 26 – Launch of Smart Mobility Challenge
  • August 20 – Deadline for applications
  • September 12 – Announcement of the 5 finalists
  • October 4 – Final pitch in the Hague, the Netherlands (travel costs covered by Shell) / Announcement of the winner

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