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Five start-ups, including two Dutch companies, will compete with each other on October 4 in Shell’s Bright Energy Ideas Challenge, a competition for European start-ups with innovative ideas and solutions for future mobility. The winning start-up will walk away with 25,000 euro in cash and a convertible loan of 100,000 euro from Shell Technology Ventures.

The five finalists were selected from a total of 219 entries from 36 countries, on the basis of their innovative concepts and prototypes.

The Portuguese start-up AddVolt has developed a system that can make clever use of the brake energy and solar energy on board lorries for their cooling systems. The Israeli business Neomatix has devised a smart sensor that monitors the status of the tyres. One of the functions of the sensor is to contribute to a reduction in CO2 emissions by giving a warning in good time when the tyre pressure is too low. German company Konetik is pushing forward with a mobile application that allows companies to deploy their vehicle fleet better and more efficiently.

The two Dutch finalists are both focusing on the logistics sector: parcel delivery. Trunkrs provides a platform that gives motorists on the way to their destination the option to pick up a parcel to deliver close to where they are going. This way, the often empty space in cars can be used better and the motorist receives a payment. PickThisUp has developed a similar platform, with which they hope to bring together the sharing economy and delivery logistics. The service looks for a suitable transporter for the route a parcel has to take.

“We are impressed by the large number of entries, which include many really innovative start-ups, says Geert van de Wouw, managing director of Shell Technology Ventures. ‘Ultimately we will have to choose a winner and that’s not going to be easy. But it is positive to find that so many people at so many start-ups are involved with the important challenges of our time: smart, clean and efficient transport ideas for the future.”

The winner of the Bright Energy Ideas Challenge will be announced during the Generation Discover Festival in The Hague on October 4.