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Karen Nassif

Karen Nassif sharing her experience

Role: Business Analyst in Trading & Shipping

“Generating value for the business”

Simple solutions on a global scale

I’m currently working on the Global Cargo Tracking Tool; we already know where the ships that carry Crude are in the world, however, we also need to know the other ships that carry other products. They could be carrying Jet fuel or lubricants and I am currently deploying this on ships so that we track and estimate their time of arrival at destinations. It enables Traders to make better decisions on supply and demand. Currently they’re doing it on spreadsheets.

Generating real business value

I worked a small project, tweaking the process for Hedging and this generated a lot for the business. It’s about being selective on what to do and which items will deliver solutions that will deliver value for the business.

IT for an Energy Company

On the Graduate Programme, there is no need to have technical skills to complete the job. It’s about ensuring the business and stakeholders get maximum value from IT and how technology can work for the business. 

Inspiring colleagues

At Shell there is a really great community. I feel part of a very diverse and a very young, ambitious community that is dedicated to better Shell and to better themselves every day.

The time to learn and grow

Shell has been great on learning and development. They are truly dedicated to train their graduates and to make sure that they get all the training they need in order to perform their job. They give us the time and are patient while we learn and get up to speed, so that we then have all the skills that allow us to make real contributions to the company.

Thijs Voets

Thijs Voets

Role: Project Analyst

“A new challenge in every project”

Managing multiple projects in my first role

In my first role I was using IT to supporting the HR function. I was working on 11+ projects, transitioning projects and turning them in live services for the business. Ensuring that the projects are handed over to the support, and that the work is sustainable and maintainable in the long run. This project was a great experience because not only did it allow me to work with a number of different stakeholders, but also gave me some great insights into project delivery and service delivery at Shell.

The company really values your abilities

The company really put a lot of trust in me, which allowed me to try different things on my projects. I was given guidance and support, but really had a lot of discretion over how I did my work which made the work very rewarding.

Projects with tangible results

When deciding where to work two things really stood out about Shell. First, the size of the company appealed to me because it allows for a wide variety of opportunities and experiences that you normally would not get from one company. Second, I really was drawn to the fact that graduates get to do two different roles that both have tangible results. The projects have real world value, and you do not feel like you are spending all your time on a project that will have no real meaning in the future.

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Graduate Programme

Geef je carrière een impuls met een baan in ons toonaangevende Graduate Programma; speciaal voor starters of indien je niet langer dan 3 jaar geleden bent afgestudeerd aan de universiteit.

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