A career in Information Digital Technology at Shell will provide you with a challenging, fast-paced and rewarding working environment in which you will help to build, implement and support IDT solutions across a range of functions, business, and industries. We are a full IDT service provider with all core IDT capability in house through our delivery hubs in Netherlands, United Kingdom, USA and India ranging from IT strategy consulting, IT management, software engineering, data engineering, to service management.

Are you able to apply innovative ideas and push the boundaries of Shell’s operations? With hands-on experience on groundbreaking projects and guidance from some of the IT industry’s leading experts you will develop your leadership and technical qualities while becoming an accomplished Shell IDT professional. We are looking for the next generation digital leaders that have a passion for complexity, teamwork and drive to deliver. Curiosity and the desire to learn new things will prospel your career at Shell.

Your degree, your options

As well as being innovative, driven and interactive you should have a degree in a subjects such as:

Business Administration / Business/Commerce / Business Information Management / Computer Engineering / Computer Science / DataScience / Engineering(Electrical/Mechanical/Civil) / Information Technology / Management Information Systems / Mathematics / Software Engineering / Supply Management / Technology Management / Telecommunications

Ready to apply?

Please know that when applying for Information Technology, you need to choose the option IT Graduate Programme under Commercial. If you would like to prepare yourself for your assessment, please read our tips.

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