Business Assurance Analyst

Data analyses and audits all over the world

I am part of the Shell Health, Safety, Security, Environment & Social Performance Audit team and am personally responsible for data analyses and reporting of audit results. My job takes me to audits all over the world!

Our team’s work is used to steer global safety performance at Shell and to contribute to ensuring that all our colleagues around the world go home safely to their families. We develop tools to improve analyses and reporting from audit data. Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE) audits need to ensure that the HSSE systems function as intended across all businesses globally. I get great exposure to many of the Shell businesses and work with colleagues from all around the world.

I wanted my work to have a direct impact

What has surprised me at Shell is the open culture and the willingness of very senior people to be open to ideas and challenges. I also considered a career in consultancy and research but I chose Shell because I wanted my work to have a direct impact; I wanted it to be applied in the field, not just end up in reports and papers. 

I have made a lot of friends through events organised by the Young Shell network, like social events, annual BBQs and conferences. I even spent New Year’s Eve in Moscow visiting one of my new Young Shell friends! 

Clear focus on personal development

It is great to meet a variety of people from different backgrounds, nationalities and professions early on. This is one of the great merits of working for a big company. The focus on personal development is clear from day one. This allows me to spend time on courses and broadening assignments. This even resulted in me being sent to Iraq for almost half a year. There were two main purposes to this: working in the field as a safety specialist in a very challenging environment as well as developing “softer” skills to interact and get things done in teams consisting of mostly Iraqi nationals who had never been abroad. Last year, I was lucky enough to visit lots of different places in the world as part of the audits that I was part of, such as Seattle, New Orleans and Singapore. My job has turned out to be a combination of adventure and opportunities!