Providing a safe and efficient working environment

My job as a Production Operations Engineer is centred around providing a safe and efficient working environment on our gas production locations. What I love about my job is that I get to work on site with the guys who are physically executing the work. I love putting on my safety gear and going outside to be part of the gas production story.

You become an important, contributing team member

What surprised me about Shell is that even though it is such a huge company, once you join a team you become an important, contributing member of that team. You might be a tiny cog in a huge machine, but without you, that machine is not going to operate.

I have also been very pleasantly surprised by the emphasis on work-life balance, it seems to me to be a very mature working culture.                     

A day in the life of Claire

What does a day in my life look like? I ensure that the volumes of gas produced are in accordance with contractual obligations. I manage the “Permit to Work” process for activities on site to make sure we execute activities safely. Managing incoming alarms from the field is another key part of maintaining a safe operation. And when there are proposed changes in, like, for equipment and processes to ensure associated risks are identified and managed, I critically assess them.

Great office culture with fabulous colleagues

I also considered other resources companies, but I chose Shell because of its emphasis on gas as a bridging fuel to help us move to a lower carbon future. What I learned while working here is that at Shell there’s a great office culture, fabulous colleagues and a very competitive remuneration. And of course the opportunity to travel during your career!

Moving on…back to Australia

I’m from Australia, but I moved to Groningen, The Netherlands for my job in the Shell Graduate Programme. Social life in Groningen turned out to be brilliant! There are so many young professionals, most of whom have moved to Groningen for the role and are open to new experiences and new friendships. This has definitely been a highlight of the move.

And now on to my next role! As a Technical Integration Engineer I’ll be supporting the commissioning and start-up of Prelude, the world’s first floating liquid natural gas (FLNG) facility! At the moment it is a very busy time of closing out my current job while I am actually in the middle of preparing to move back to Australia!