Paul Kieft

For two weeks in a row I run a business in the middle of the North Sea with a team of 20 people, then for two weeks I am free to spend my time how I choose. My job is intensely dynamic, fun and adventurous.  Plus I take a helicopter to work 

Real responsibility

On the platform I have real responsibility for a team and receive regular coaching to become a better leader. Seeing direct results in your daily efforts is highly motivating and fun. The rotation work, consisting of two weeks on, two weeks off, allows me to travel the world.

Endless opportunities and challenges

Shell is very dynamic compared to the corporate multinational image you might have. People are ambitious, open and honest and constantly looking to make improvements in the business. As a newcomer, this makes for a very inviting atmosphere and means there are endless opportunities and challenges.

Responsible for safety

I am responsible for addressing improvements in safety on the platform and making sure they are executed the same day. At the same time, I share the improvements with other platforms so safety is improved everywhere. Recognising a major cost in production is another part of my job. Once a major cost has been recognised, I assemble a team to reduce the costs over the course of a month, increasing the company’s profit. Another element is tinkering on a new production line-up. I discuss my plan with several specialists and see how we can increase production. 

Shell is at the forefront of the energy transition

Despite what the media portrays, Shell is heavily involved in changing the energy industry, directing it towards a more sustainable future. In my opinion, Shell can really make a difference. It is an exciting time to be at the forefront of the energy transition towards a more sustainable future as part of one of the leading companies in this sector.

Shell has the only complete leadership programme

I also considered quite a few other career options, like commercial positions, traineeships at offshore companies, investment banking and consultancy. But I chose Shell because of the responsibility you have in a technical environment from day one. Plus you get coaching and training to help you constantly improve, unlike any other company. I think Shell truly has the only complete leadership programme for people just graduating from university. 

Lot’s of young people

There’s a strong youthful Shell culture, lots of young people, making it similar to your first year at university. Shell has open, honest, creative and fun people. Lucky me, because I want to work with people, not with Excel!