Assistant Maintenance Supervisor

This job calls for both my analytical and soft skills

I am an Assistant Maintenance Supervisor at the Shell Pernis oil refinery. Our team maintains the Refinery Oil Movements production unit and is responsible for the integrity of our asset. This includes the maintenance of rotating, electrical and instrumentation equipment as well as civil structures. I analyse and improve maintenance processes, coordinate projects and supervise our maintenance team. It’s a very dynamic job that calls for both my analytical and soft skills.     

Developing management skills

What I love about my job is that it provides me with an excellent opportunity to develop my management skills early on in my career. When I cover for my line manager as a Maintenance Supervisor I am responsible for our team of 25 people. This is a huge responsibility and a great learning experience for me as a graduate. 

Major responsibilities from day one

What surprised me at Shell is that graduates are given major responsibilities from day one. This proves to me that Shell really believes in its people. We have a very open and friendly culture, so if you need help there are always experienced people who are more than willing to give you advice. This helps me to learn new things very quickly.

Variety of future career paths

I chose Shell because of the company’s strong focus on personal development and the variety of future career paths available, including international opportunities. Thanks to job rotations, a career within Shell can be more dynamic than changing companies every couple of years. 

It was easy to build my social network

Social life in Pernis is mainly focused in Rotterdam. Thanks to the Shell networks, e.g. Young Shell, and the flexible working hours, it is very easy to make new friends and build your social network. 

Shell challenges me to get the best out of myself and have fun at the same time!