As Maintenance Strategy Engineer I work in a diverse environment, allowing me to focus on my technical development, while learning in both the field and the office. I mitigate threats to ageing equipment for our offshore platforms in the North Sea. What I love about my job is that everything I learn in courses and in the office I can directly implement and use offshore. It is a combination of hands-on tasks and soft skill development to enhance my leadership capabilities.

Shell truly invest in its people

What surprised me at Shell is how much time you get to invest in yourself. Shell offers so many interesting courses next to your normal day job. You really get the opportunity to develop yourself and meet people from different cultures. I started my career at a construction company as a Management Trainee & Engineer, but felt I wasn’t developing myself enough. I then chose Shell because I believe Shell truly invests in its people.

Social life in Groningen is very active

Social life in Groningen is special, but very enjoyable. At first I was very reluctant to move away from my girlfriend and my home city of Amsterdam. Now I have made so many new friends in such a short time. A lot of starters at Shell (NAM) are in the same situation. So you make friends fast.

Clear career path and develop in the way I choose to

Shell invests in education, hands-on experience and the possibility to keep developing oneself. You get a clear career path and ownership of your own development. Also, Shell stimulates a healthy work-life balance: on Fridays I can work in the Amsterdam office, so I only stay three nights in Groningen. Office hours are very flexible and there is a very open atmosphere. In short, I’m happy I chose Shell because they invest in me and I get lots of growth possibilities!