Energy has been central to the north side of the IJ for more than a hundred years. Amsterdam is with ETCA one of the three most important researchlocations for Shell worldwide. New ideas, technology and decades of experience come together here to meet the energy needs of today and tomorrow.

The former Shell Technology Centre Amsterdam (STCA) has started a new life as Energy Transition Campus Amsterdam (ETCA) in 2021. Cooperation between the business community and academics for the energy transition remains crucial. That is why Shell has decided to open the doors of the technology centre in Amsterdam to start-ups, scale-ups, knowledge institutes, academics and companies working on solutions for the energy transition


Research: Then and now

In 1914, Shell built the first laboratory on the northern bank of the IJ. Researchers assessed the quality of crude oil extracted in the Dutch East Indies and other locations.

New energy

Over the coming decades, society will face a worldwide challenge. While society has to emit fewer and fewer greenhouse gases, energy consumption will increase due to the growing world population and increasing prosperity. More efficient use and cleaner energy are the core of a large part of the research activities within Shell's research activities in Amsterdam.

Gas technologies

Discover here the role that gas technologies can play in the energy transition.

From fossil to renewable energy: a key role for catalysis

In almost every technology developed at Shell, a chemical reaction occurs to convert one substance into another. A catalyst accelerates almost every chemical reaction.

Hydrocarbon Processing

While society is increasingly switching to renewable energy sources, we cannot do without fossil fuels yet. It allows aircrafts to fly, cars to drive and boats to travel.

Digital technologies: Drones, Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence

ETCA has a department which focuses completely on researching, developing and applying digital technologies. For example, drones, virtual reality and artificial intelligence. But how?

Experimental installations

ETCA designs, builds and maintains most of the 1,300 indoor test installations and pilot plants. This makes ETCA unique.

Technology at work

In collaboration with various partners, ETCA researchers are working hard on energy solutions for today and tomorrow. But what exactly are those solutions? And what’s in it for the consumer? Five Shell researchers show an object from their research and talk about what they do and why it matters. Read the short interviews here.

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Energy Transition Campus Amsterdam (ETCA)

Technologie-ontwikkeling is de kern van waar het in Shell Technology Centre Amsterdam (ETCA) om draait. ETCA is in meer dan 100 jaar uitgegroeid tot een toonaangevend instituut. Het is een van de drie grootste onderzoekscentra van Shell wereldwijd.

De nieuwe energiekaart

Shell is groot in olie en gas. Maar op steeds meer plekken in Nederland werken we aan schonere energie. Benieuwd wat Shell in uw buurt of regio doet? Bekijk onze stapjes én stappen in de Nederlandse energietransitie. 

Shell in Nederland

Wat is en wat doet Shell in Nederland?