Over the coming decades, society will face a worldwide challenge. While society has to emit fewer greenhouse gases, energy consumption will increase due to the growing world population and increasing prosperity. The pace of the energy transition will vary from country to country. In the Netherlands, it’s about the more efficient use of energy and access to cleaner energy, the core of a large part of the research activities within ETCA. Read here what Shell in Amsterdam does in addition to the research work to contribute to the energy transition in the Metropolitan Region of Amsterdam.

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The Dutch Energy Transition and Shell

Shell has taken steps towards a cleaner future in the Netherlands in recent years. As an energy company, we want to fulfil this role in the future. We are therefore innovating and investing heavily in ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We do this together with our partners, because energy transition is team sport. (Dutch)

Make the Future

Make the Future showcases the ongoing actions Shell is taking to help create a more sustainable, renewable, energy-rich, lower carbon future.