Worldwide it is one of Shell's most important research centres and technology development is the focus. Of course, this 90,000 m2 large building also needs energy. STCA therefore has 196 solar panels on the roof and 128 colourful solar panels on the façade for direct energy supply. The temperature is regulated via underground heat and cold storage together with heat pumps, which use the electricity from Dutch wind farms.

STCA's new public park opened in 2020
STCA's new public park opened in 2020

The four sources, two heat and two cold, are located at a depth of approximately 180 metres. In the winter, the heat sources provide warm water to heat the building. As soon as the water has cooled down, it is stored in the cold sources in the soil. The building can be cooled in the summer with this cold water. Once the water has been reheated, it is returned to the warm sources for storage.

This combination of sustainable energy systems ensures that Shell's laboratory in Amsterdam is virtually CO2 neutral.

Shell has chosen to use the LEED certification for all of its offices in the Netherlands. LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design and is a globally recognised certification system for the sustainability of buildings. This involves not only looking at the building itself, but also at the processes that take place in the building. LEED uses four levels (Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum). In 2020, STCA received the Gold certification and is now one of the 4 buildings in the Netherlands that has received this status. You can read more about LEED here (only in English). 

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Supporting social initiatives that contribute to an energy transition in the cities we operate in, is essential to being a responsible company (Dutch).

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