Shell is closely linked to Dutch society, both economically and socially. The history of Shell in Amsterdam goes back for more than a century. Read here how it all started and what we are doing now to be a good neighbour.

ETCA in Environment

  • STCA toen en nu

    Shell in Amsterdam-Noord: Then and now

    The choice for Amsterdam-North was no coincidence. The history of the oil industry in Amsterdam started at the end of the 19th century.

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  • Safety-stca


    Safety is our top priority. The Shell building in Amsterdam is located in the middle of a neighbourhood where living, working and recreation go hand in hand.

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  • Flora and fauna around STCA

    Flora and fauna around ETCA

    The flora and fauna around the Shell building contribute to the biodiversity in the environment.

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  • Local social initiatives

    Local social initiatives

    Shell wants to be a good neighbour to the people who live or work in areas where are located. Through social initiatives, Shell wants to make a contribution to this local community. There are various ways in which we do that.

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More Shell

Society and Shell

Shell works with environmental and developmental organisations all over the world to reduce our environmental and societal impact and to benefit local communities.


Supporting social initiatives that contribute to an energy transition in the cities we operate in, is essential to being a responsible company (Dutch).

Shell Sustainability Report

This Shell Sustainability Report covers our social, safety and environmental performance and significant events for us during the year.