Shell wants to be a good neighbour to the people who live or work in areas where we are located.

ETCA is getting more neighbours around the research complex all the time. Through social initiatives, Shell wants to make a contribution to this local community. There are various ways in which we do that.

Inspiring for science and technology

By introducing young people to technology and science in an inspiring way, Shell is committed to spreading Dutch technology knowledge.


JINC helps young people on their way to work. Thanks to JINC, children from neighbourhoods with a socio-economic disadvantage learn about all kinds of professions, discover which work suits their talents and learn to apply for a job. Besides a financial contribution to the JINC programme, Shell also facilitates job tasters in Amsterdam and employees can provide job application training. For example, primary school and preparatory secondary vocational education students from Amsterdam are given the opportunity to grow and Shell employees learn from the refreshing insights and curiosity of young Amsterdam residents.

Hans was amazed by the latest scientific developments, laser and 3D technologies.

Previous location manager of the former STCA, Andreas Nowak, has also participated. During the initiative ‘The Boss of Tomorrow’, secondary school student Hans from the Open Schoolgemeenschap Bijlmer took over from Andreas for a day.

Social cohesion

Het Leefkringhuis is a foundation that supports families in Amsterdam-North in various ways. Every year, children from families that cannot afford a Christmas present can pass on their Christmas wishes. Their wishes are displayed in the Christmas trees in the Atrium of the ETCA, where employees can find one. The children receive their presents during a festive event at the ETCA. 

The Leefkringhuis has also helped give a new purpose to the furniture of Shell's former hotel in The Hague. The hotel was closed because it had not been used enough in recent years. All of the furniture was donated to 19 different social institutions in the Netherlands. The Leefkringhuis has found a home for things ranging from box spring beds and irons to mini-refrigerators and desks.

Employee engagement

Shell also tries to be a part of society wherever it can in different ways. An example is a team outing with 60 Shell employees, doing a variety of jobs at the Eduard Douwes Dekker care home, which is located in the neighbourhood. The activities varied from gardening to painting, but also just doing something fun with the residents.

Stichting Studiezalen strives to create equal opportunities for every child. The foundation offers 600 children from disadvantaged families in Amsterdam the opportunity to learn and they offer a safe place to ask questions about anything. One of the initiatives that Shell employees participate in is an online platform where children can ask questions about homework, for example. During the Corona-pandemic, a weekly one-on-one session was created for a group of students.

More Shell

The society and Shell

Shell is closely linked to the Dutch society. That is why we support social, cultural and sporting projects in the vicinity of our establishments.

About Shell in the Netherlands

In the Netherlands, Shell works on the detection, extraction and processing of gas and oil, and the sale of products (Dutch)