Discover here the role that gas technologies can play in the energy transition.

Gas to liquids (GTL)

The gas-to-liquids (GTL) process uses natural gas instead of oil to make liquid products such as fuels for vehicles with diesel engines and synthetic aviation fuel. In addition, the GTL process can also make raw materials for everyday products such as detergents, cosmetics, plastics and lubricants. GTL fuel burns cleaner than conventional diesel or kerosene from petroleum and therefore produces fewer local emissions and no black smoke. It is odourless, colourless, and easy to use in existing machines, trucks and ships with diesel engines. In 2019, almost all ground vehicles at Schiphol airport switched to Shell GTL fuel.

Gas Processing

For many people, the use of natural gas for heating or cooking seems obvious. But the gas that comes from the ground is not immediately suitable for use. Various components, such as sulphur and mercury compounds, have to be removed. The removal of sulphur from natural gas contributes to a cleaner combustion of the gas and thus a significantly better air quality. Thanks to technological progress, sulphur-rich gas fields, which were once considered unprofitable, can now be developed.

Carbon Capture, Utilization & Storage (CCUS)

Carbon Capture, Utilization & Storage (CCUS), or the capture of CO2 to use it or store it underground, is one of the measures to actually achieve the climate objectives. The Coalition Agreement and the Climate Agreement endorse the importance of CCUS in the energy transition. In the medium term, CCUS helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 49% by 2030. And in the longer term, to promote the reuse of CO2.

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Research at ETCA

What are Shell's activities at ETCA and what kinds of research are conducted at this facility?

Nieuwe energie

Wereldwijd staat de samenleving de komende decennia voor een uitdaging. Terwijl de maatschappij steeds minder broeikasgassen moet gaan uitstoten, zal door de groeiende wereldbevolking en stijgende welvaart het energieverbruik toenemen. Efficiënter gebruik en schonere energie zijn de kern van een groot deel van de onderzoeksactiviteiten binnen onderzoeksactiviteiten van Shell in Amsterdam.