As an independent player, the Amsterdam Economic Board, or AMEC for short, promotes cooperation between companies, knowledge institutes and governments. The goal is a smart, green and healthy future for the MRA. At the Board’s initiative, the Green Deal Zero Emission Urban Logistics was created. Together with around 50 public and private parties, Shell Nederland is committed to Zero Emission Urban Logistics in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Region.

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One of the Shell initiatives that supports this ambition is the green hydrogen pump that was put into use in 2019. Shell Amsterdam employees can use two hydrogen cars for business mileage. There are also fourteen chargers from subsidiary NewMotion and a Shell Recharge fast charger on the outside parking lot of ETCA. Here, the electric vehicles of employees and visitors, and the two electric shared vehicles, can be charged.

Several Shell Recharge fast chargers can now also be found at public stations in the MRA. Shell Recharge is Shell's fast charging service for electric vehicles and can found at an increasing number of locations in the Netherlands. Shell Nederland is currently working on a network of fast chargers in the Netherlands at 80 Shell retail stations. The fast chargers have a capacity of 175 kW, with which an electric car recharges within 15-20 minutes. The power used, comes from renewable energy sources.

Shell Nederland is in different ways involved in the energy transition in and around Amsterdam. For example, lorries can refuel liquefied natural gas (LNG) at the Westpoort station. As a result, these trucks emit up to 22% less greenhouse gases (“well-to-wheel”) compared to diesel*. A lot of hard work is also being done at Shell's first public hydrogen filling point at Shell Den Ruygenhoek retail station along the A4 motorway near Hoofddorp. And the Pernis refinery supplies pure CO2 in a CO2 pipeline from the Botlek area to the docks in Amsterdam. This pipeline crosses a number of large greenhouse horticulture areas and provides 1,500 hectares of greenhouse horticulture with CO2. This is beneficial for the growing climate of agricultural products, such as tomatoes and roses.

* This data is based on a Thinkstep study from 2017, commissioned by NVGA.

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Rapid charging at Shell

With our rapid chargers you’ll be on the go in 20 minutes (Dutch).


NewMotion offers the largest charging network of Europe. We believe it is time to speed up the transition to a lower-carbon world. With our passion for e-mobility, we empower people to go electric and charge smart.

Shell LNG Fuel for transportation

Our roads and ports are becoming increasingly busy as the global population grows and more of us live in cities. A range of vehicles and fuels, including liquefied natural gas (LNG), will be needed to meet increasing demand for transport as the world seeks to tackle emissions.